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Are your windows letting you down? If it’s been some time since you’ve given any thought to the windows in your home, now is the time to take a closer look. Your windows could be the largest cause of your home’s hidden energy costs. Chances are, if you’re taking your windows for granted, you’re paying the price.

Do you have warped or cracked windows that stick, draft or fog up? These are signs telling you it’s time for repair. Does your home have old, single pane relic windows which don’t even open? Just as a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, your worst window could be working against your whole home.

Great New Windows Installed Right

Your windows take a beating from the environment, every storm rattles and each summer warms and warps, even the best windows can’t take that punishment forever. Fortunately, quality windows which have been professionally installed can keep your home secure for decades. Today, there are many options for homeowners looking to replace their old weather-beaten windows.

A well insulated and professionally installed window offers energy efficient protection for your home and will function well into the future. Window replacement is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and has the added bonus of decreasing energy bills. If you think your windows could use repair or replacement, call J&B Contracting today. We’re window experts, and we’ll come running to provide you with a FREE estimate.

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If you have windows in need of repair or replacement, you won’t do better than our qualified service. Of course, once you’ve gotten our take, you’re welcome to pay more for the other guys. The truth is, we think you’ll see right away why J&B is the best for the job, and that’s why we offer our free assessment.

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