Parsippany, NJ
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Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ or just simply called as Parsippany, is located in the county of Morris in New Jersey. Its name was derived from the wording “parsipanong” of the sub tribe of Lenape American. A place where a river is winding through the valley, this is what the Lenape Native American word means. This township is known to have the largest population within the county of Morris. Troy was formerly the name used with Parsipanny yet was changed to Troy hills just to avoid mails from being sent speciously to another place with the same name which is Troy, New York.

The NJ Legislature act that has taken effect on March 12 of 1928 states that Parsippany-Troy Hills be incorporated to be a township. The entire town includes portions of the Hanover Township that is based from the referendum seized on the 9th of May of the same year. This splits East Hanover Township as well as the Parsippany-Troy Hills from the Hanover Township.

Among the different places in United States, Parsippany-Troy Hills was recognized as among the Awesome Places to reside in United States ranking 17 by Money in 2006. It was also the highest ranking place within the area of New Jersey that was included in the list. After 2 years, it even moved 4 places higher as it got the 13th rank. It returned to list in the year 2012 having the 15th rank while it returned again in list in the year 2014, as it was ranked number 16 as it was cited due to its “leisure and arts”.

History, Climate and Geology

Parsippany-Troy Hills has a great history behind its development. Most of the first people to reside in the place are Paleo-Indians as it was a great place where animals and plants can be found for them to survive. The place is known for their humid continental climate. They have very warm summers that may get hotter as it lasts and really cold winters. However, it has a cooler temperature than Manhattan especially in the early mornings and at nights as well.

Parsippany-Troy-HillsBasically, the town is lying on the Netwark Piedmont Basin. It is said that about half a million years ago, New Jersey Highlands were created due to the series of volcanic islands crashing into proto North America. This was also believed to be the main reason why the land formations were created on the eastern area of New Jersey. Fast forward to the present times, it is now developed into a great town offering a serene place to live in for its entire people.

What Parsippany-Troy Hills Has to Offer

Education is not a problem in this town as there are public and private schools starting from pre-school, elementary and middle and senior high schools. Fire protection is well observed in different districts, which give residents the peace of mind as they live in the town. There are people investing in the city which helps in improving its economy. The municipality is also indulged with sports as they have a soccer club hosting different teams. Also, the government provides impressive transportation services both private and public means.